Welcome, my name is Jeremy.

I’m a product leader.

Here is some of my work.


The goal of this project was to create an experience where regular users would feel comfortable building somewhat complex automations.

The biggest challenge was taking an inherently complex process and making it simple for basic users.


The Inbox rebuild was fun because of all the user flows. The Zingle Inbox is where work gets done— customers expect to work quickly and efficiently.

Users have strong opinions about how they work. A challenge with this project was to toe the line between guiding customers to work based on best practices and making product updates based on validated feedback.


We built a brand new analytics solution. Writing queries was the best part of this project and allowed me to sharpen my query and data analysis skills.


New native iOS and Android apps.

Before working at Zingle, I had zero mobile experience. In some ways, mobile design is the most challenging because it forces you to build interactions in small form factors.

Weekly Benchmarking Email

The goal of this project was to improve how customers use the product and nudge them towards best practices. We decided to use gamification to help achieve this goal.

This email gets sent weekly to managers and shows their performance against peers (other customers).