Welcome to my site. I'm a Product Manager with a passion for elegant design.


I didn't write the book on Product Management (this guy did) but I've read them and follow the standard lean process. I always start any project or initiative by defining objective and measurable success criteria - I'm big on objective measurements, trends, and business KPIs. I believe that prototypes bring more value than long requirement documents, collaboration with end users is key, and Agile approaches beat traditional waterfall project planning.

Things I'm good at
  • managing teams
  • building prototypes (coding)
  • design
  • thought leadership
  • tracking to business objectives
  • business analysis
  • building roadmaps
  • process optimization
Things I believe in
  • democratic management style
  • ideas over egos
  • leading with user experience
  • prototpyes > requirement documents
  • reading & learning about new tech.
  • objective measures (tracking trends)
  • mentorship
  • not sending email attachments :)
  • Vision

    Start with assumptions instead of requirements and then create and test hypotheses. Ultimately, measuring to see whether the desired outcome has been achieved.

  • Prototype

    Quickly develop low/high fidelity prototypes in an effort to spend the least amount of time creating something that will act as a conduit for meaningful feedback from an audience.

  • Research

    Conduct usability tests using prototypes, gathering as much valuable analytical information as possible.

  • Deliver

    Deliver valuable products on time using Agile methods in an extremely collaborative and fun environment.


Below are some projects that I've been working on recently. All work shown on this site (including this site) was designed and created by me.

Cross Product Navigation Re-design

I was tasked with leading the re-design and unification of navigation across all products at Upland Software.

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Responsive Login

Designed and implemented a responsive login page with support all the way back to IE8.

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Style Guide

Created and managed a standard style guide for UX/UI reference across the various product teams.

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Chart Wizard

Designed a simple wizard interface for users to add various charts to their online reporting dashboards.

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Product Demo Landing Page

Created a simple landing page directing users to various product demo environments and supporting information.

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Customer Ideas Initiative

Designed and developed a fun customer ideas/feedback channel, encouraging customers to submit bright ideas! Flip the switch and see how it works.

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Mobile App Prototype

Currently prototyping a Task Management mobile app solution.

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Social Stream

Designed, wireframed / prototyped a social stream solution that is currently used in production.

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Custom Icons

Currently design and create all custom art for the Upland Social Work Management Product - EPM Live.

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Support Site Design

Designed and implemented a support community using Desk.com allowing users to quickly open tickets and search the Knowledge Base.

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Beta Program

Managed a beta program, including the design of the signup page and associated emails.

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One Page Product Site

Recent skills test submission to a design agency.

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About Me

Building and admiring great products is more than a job to me, it's also a hobby of mine. I'm the guy with his eyes two inches from the monitor admiring every pixel. I want to utilize my extensive product management experience and unique creative skills to bring about exceptional change. Although I've been working with Enterprise products, consumer applications and products are more exciting to me. When I'm not working, you can find me pulling shots of espresso at home and exploring the wonderful craft beer scene in beautiful San Diego.

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